How did Endopeel appear?

Although Botulinum toxin offers results, abusing this substance causes unwanted effects.

The face has a tendency to lose its expressiveness as a result of the continuous paralysis of the muscles caused by this biological toxin.

This is how these 2 researchers: Dr.Alain Tenenbaum & Sir.Mauro Tiziani.

continued their investigations to develop more effective treatments than botulinum toxin but without such side effects. This is how the endopeel method appeared.

Endopeel techniques consist of reshaping and repositioning soft tissues by non-invasive methods, keeping same mass and same volume of such tissues before and after treatment.

Such techniques are 3D, can be medical or surgical or mixed and lead to immediate results. Dr.Alain Tenenbaum and Sir.Mauro Tiziani from Switzerland are the Inventors.

Non-Surgical Medical Lifting, what is Endopeel?

It is a medical lifting method that reduces sagging applied in various parts of the face and the body, especially in the face and neck area, which is increasingly used in Europe and America in recent years.

Phenic acid is the active ingredient of Endopeel, which provides a patented product that increases muscle tone and reduces sagging and wrinkles as a result of tension on the skin.

Advantages of Endopeel Techniques in Face Neck Applications

  • Quickly or Immediate Results: Endopeel applied to Face & Neck achieve immediately results, 1/2 h after treatment.
  • Duration:
    - 1 month after 1st session
    - 3 months after 2 nd session
    - 6 months after 3 rd session
    - from 6 months to 1 year after 4 th session
  • Helps Surgical Lift last longer: Endopeel is the best non surgical method to help surgical as non surgical facelifts (if done with Endopeel) to last longer.
  • Alternative to Botulinum Toxin: ENDOPEEL technique is an alternative to Botulinum toxin injection by effecting without paralysis of muscles , especially in the 1/3 lower part of face.
  • Alternative to Skin Tightening Devices: ENDOPEEL technique is an alternative to methods that provide skin tightening by chemical means. Changes in muscles with endopeel are almost completely restored.
  • Absence of Risks: Endopeel offers a significant advantage in reducing wrinkles as well as avoiding painless sagging without surgical intervention. The absence of risks such as scarring, necrosis, nerve damage during surgical operations or the fact that a lifting effect made by the operation continues for a very long time provides a very comfortable use. In addition, the return of the effect after a while is an important gain compared to surgery.
  • Facial Expressions are not lost: Another important advantage is that the muscles in the applied areas do not become immobile like  the facial expressions are not lost.
  • Flexibility in the Schedule: As a result of the endopeel application, the effect starts to occur in as little as 10-30 minutes. After the application, the effect lasts for 6-8 months. At the end of this period, since it is completely backward, consecutive applications can be performed easily for years. As a result of sequential applications, the duration of action of Endopeel is prolonged. Another application approach is maintenance therapy with several low-dose of Endopeel every two months. Thus, positive effects are ensured to be continuous.

Benefits of Endopeel

  • Endopeel gathers sagging skin and decreases wrinkles.
  • The most frequently safest done non-surgical face & body lift is Endopeel.
  • Endopeel is too a skin cleansing and gives a skin and/or muscle ironing effect
  • Endopeel is the dream to get a youthful and vigorous expression.
  • Reknown dermatologists claim that Endopeel minimizes the size of the pores giving the skin a clean and clear texture.

Renews the Skin Texture

giving Radiance, which is a plus for smokers skin

Increases Moisture

Hydrates the skin.

Provides Firmness & Tightness

What is Endopeel?

it is not a palliative that hides your age but a real technique that makes you rejuvenate


Endopeel provides a revolutionary approach to treating the aging appearance and organs (skin, muscles) that will provide patients with more long-lasting and youthful results.

Services Provided

  • Rejuvenation
  • Embellishment
  • issue Reshaping

The goals

Endopeel is an alternative to surgery or can maintain and complete the surgery.

  • No scar
  • No downtime
  • No botulinum toxin
  • No fillers

Endopeel is the latest trend in aesthetic treatment of the face & body

The skin of the face is one of the most sensitive of the human body. This is not surprising knowing that this part of the body is permanently exposed and that it is not necessarily protected

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3D Isovolumetric Tissular repositioning





The skin of the face is one of the areas most affected by the passage of time. It is even possible that it suffers from phenomena of premature aging if we do not take care of it properly. Crow's feet, sagging in the mouth and cheekbones, the bar-code effect, forehead wrinkles, all these effects and more are symptoms of aging of our skin. There are many ways to combat these phenomena, including ENDOPEEL techniques.

There is indeed a large amount of medico-aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of the skin of the face and to find a younger appearance. There are also many treatments that can be associated with each other for an ever more effective result.

Indications of Endopeel

All you should know about the possibilities of Endopeel in pathology, aesthetic treatments, anti aging therapies, pain treatments & gynecological treatments.

Aesthetic & Cosmetic Treatments

Endopeel is an alternative to surgery, fillers, botulinum, threads and many machines.

Pathological and Cosmetic Gynecology

Endopeel is an alternative to surgery, lasers, PRP and threads in gynecology.

Masculinization & Feminilization of Face & Body

Endopeel gives a new look following the fashion with a natural look.

Pain Treatment & Neuraltherapy

Endopeel is an alternative to other products used in neuraltherapy


Endopeel allows to improve pathological conditions

Traumatology & Orthopedics

Endopeel helps so much in case of articulations instability

Anti Aging

Internal & External Anti Aging Treatment

Endopeel Products

Endopeel set face

Endopeel set body

Endopeel set stretch marks

Endopeel set sclerotherapy

Endopeel set cosmetic gynecology

Endopeel set urinary incontinence

Hands Rejuvenation Set

Cellulitis Set

Anaesthetic Lipogels

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