GRH Medical is a pharmaceutical and cosmetics trading arm of Glen Resources. We specialize in supplying the best products from the most reputable manufacturers worldwide.

We are a reliable partner for health-based projects in developing countries and provide a comprehensive service in the supply of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, medical, dental and laboratory equipment and consumables as well as other high-quality medical products.

A core part of our business is the export of unlicensed medicines. These are generally medicines which are licensed in their country of manufacture but are not licensed in the importing country. We supply our clients with such medicines, allowing pharmacies and clinicians around the world to supply their patients with the medicines they urgently need. This could be a one-off shipment or a regular delivery of several containers.

We have strong relationships with many dedicated specials manufacturers which mean we can supply bespoke and specially prepared medicines which have been prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist when a licensed product is not available. These may be products which are unusual strengths or formulations or products which are temporarily unavailable or discontinued.

We deal with all our enquiries and associated orders in an ethical and professional manner. We aim to satisfy our customers with our high levels of customer service.

Our logistics team is fully experienced in exporting pharmaceuticals and other medical and cosmetics products, all around the globe, including the developing world, whilst complying with any specific regulatory or customs requirements of the importing country. We offer any combination of freight options – road, sea or air and are able to meet all storage and transportation requirements including ‘cold storage’ and ‘hazardous materials’.

Our business is built on the values of making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.